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Two chick lit books. Two unique voices.


I ONLY SMOKE ON THURSDAYS reveals the adventures of Thursdays nights spent at one of Seattle's most notorious gay discos, scouting out straight men and making true friends. Alter egos included.
Hardcover/paperback; 247 pages.







HAILEY BAILEY WINS THE DAILY lets the reader into the world of 40-something year old Hailey: overweight, under paid and extremely lucky on the 17th of every month.
Hardcover/paperback; 195 pages.





an excerpt from - Hailey Bailey Wins the Daily
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What readers are saying:  

"It's like taking a vacation without paying the airfare and will give your stomach a good work out."


- WP,, review of Hailey Bailey Winds the Daily.

"Georgie Nickell's first novel displays the humor of David Sedaris and the thoughtfulness of Anita Brookner."


- Amanda,, review of I Only Smoke on Thursdays.

"Heartfelt and HILARIOUS, Nickell proves that happiness is only a few Marlboro Lights and a cocktail away."


- Anonymous,, review of I Only Smoke on Thursdays.

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