Sort of like a girls' guide to communicating, From the Bedroom to the Boardroom: What You Need to Say to Be Heard, a conversation with Maria Smith, Conscious Communicator is a year-long SKYPE conversation between the author and internationally-known communications expert, Maria Smith.


Georgie and Maria's long-time collaboration has earned their partnership two international Stevie Awards.

Publish date:  March 2016, Archway Publishing, a Simon & Schuster company

Maria and Georgie


  • Techniques you can start applying to your next conversation, to instantly sound more knowledgeable, interested and engaged.

  • Tools to extinguish anger and help you respond resourcefully and responsibily.

  • Secrets on how to change a conversation from negative to positive in just three steps.

  • The power to build trust and relationships without saying a word.

  • The ability to give encouraging feedback in the bedroom while making your desires known.

  • The freedom to end relationships that are no longer enhancing your life... without the other person 'un-friending' you on Facebook.

  • Preparation skills to get you prepped and ready to attend stressful family functions, work parties or job interviews.

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How to Communicate with Someone You Don't Like - Georgie Nickell interviewing Maria Smith
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